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Criteria for R2G tours R2G Operators Area

List of criteria for Recommended Geopark Guide (R2G) tours:

  1. The lead geopark guide must be a Recommended Geopark Guide (R2G) .

  2. The interpretation must be in line with the geopark communication concepts endorsed by the Global Geoparks Network.

  3. The ratio of geopark guides to participants must be suitably small to ensure that all participants are well taken care of. The maximum ratio is normally 1:25 except under exceptional circumstances and with the prior agreement of the Assessment Board (via the Secretariat).

  4. The service must comply with all legal requirements.

  5. There must be no landing activities in the core protection areas of Hong Kong Geopark except in emergency situations.

  6. The tour must comply with the Code for Visiting Geosites on the R2G website.

  7. The service must be conducted within Hong Kong Geopark or associated venues endorsed by the Secretariat.

  8. The service must be ready for inspection every year by the Secretariat or their representatives  for renewal of the recognition..

  9. R2Gs must wear the R2G identification badge.

  10. The detailed plan of the service must be furnished to the Secretariat for endorsement at least 14 calendar days before the first tour.

  11. The R2G operator must undertake to comply with any suggestions made by the Secretariat to improve the operation and service.

  12. Apart from recognized R2G tours or activities, no organization shall use R2G for promotion, publicity or other similar purpose.

  13. The above requirements are mandatory.

Remark: R2G tours are tours guided by R2Gs being paid an honorarium. Non-revenue seeking ventures do not qualify as R2G tours.

Interested service providers are welcome to contact R2G Secretariat at in connection with the organization of R2G tours.