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Recognised Coures

Preliminary recognised Geo/Eco Tourism Courses (in alphabetical order)

 “Certificate in Eco-Tour (Theory of Nature Appreciation) (Part-time)”, “Certificate in Eco-Tour (Geopark – Volcanic Rock Landscape) (Part-time)” and “Certificate in Eco-Tour (Geopark – Sedimentary Rock Landscape) (Part-time)” under the Employees Retraining Board Skills Upgrading Scheme Plus; organisations offering such courses include:

1. HKCT Group Limited ( )

"Professional Certificate in Geotourism" or "Certificate in Ecotourism" (Up to the 59th Class, June 2014 and from the 95th Class, August 2019) recognized by the Hong Kong Government Sustainable Fund; organisations offering such courses include:

1. Hong Kong Ecotourism and Travels Professional Training Centre ( )

"Geoguide and Volunteer Training 2016" ; organisations offering such courses include:

1. Environmental Association (



Remark:  Courses on geology are different from those on geotourism and ecotourism. Prior approval by the R2G Secretariat is required for geotourism and ecotourism related courses not specified above.


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