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Assessment System
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Code for Geopark Guides
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Geopark Guides
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Code for Geopark Guides

R2G Regulations

1. Roles of R2Gs

1.1 Role model of geopark guides.
1.2 Promote conservation of the natural environment and the global geopark concept.
1.3 Share and convey earth science knowledge.

2. Codes and requirements of R2Gs

2.1 Protect the geo-diversity and geo-heritages of Hong Kong.
2.2 Support and promote the principles of global geoparks.
2.3 Be aware of the requirements, information and updates of the Global Geoparks Network.
2.4 Popularise earth sciences.
2.5 Actively partake in training to enhance guide skills.
2.6 Be eager to learn and willing to share your knowledge and experience.
2.7 Provide high quality guide services.
2.8 Understand and support the R2G system and contribute to the R2G reputation and image.
2.9 Charge fees that are reasonable, open and fair, and avoid unhealthy competition.
2.10 Maintain R2G team spirit and support each other.
2.11 Wear R2G uniforms only on approved R2G tours.
2.12 Follow the R2G uniform dress code. Wear the R2G name badge when providing guide services.
2.13 Ensure visitor safety.
2.14 Fill out the log record in R2G Portal (except for approved R2G tours)
2.15 Follow the rules of the R2G system.
2.16 Keep in close contact with the R2G Secretariat.
2.17 Make use of the "Hong Kong Global Geopark Handbook for Geopark Guides" as a reference guide.

3. Suggested service charges


For the long-term benefit of all R2Gs, maintain high quality service and avoid unhealthy competition. The suggested service charge for an R2G is around HK$800 to $1,500 per tour, depending on the working hours, route, job nature and any special circumstances. The suggested service charge undergoes regular review.

4. R2G behaviour warranting a warning or disqualification

4.1 Opposition to the concept, mission and principles of national or global geopark.
4.2 Exhibiting seriously unethical behavior.
4.3 Exhibiting poor personal conduct.
4.4 Criminal conviction.
4.5 Failure to pass the six month probation period or biennial reassessment.
4.6 Not following the R2G code and requirements (please refer to section 2 above).
4.7 Damaging the reputation of the R2G programme and Hong Kong Geopark.

The decision as to warning or disqualification  is decided by the R2G advisory board. Candidates with substantial evidence may appeal to the advisory board by mailing to ( 

For any enquiries, please contact the R2G Secretariat (email: