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Assessment System

Geopark Guide System


Recommended Geopark Guide (R2G)

"Recommended Geopark Guides (R2Gs)" are guides recommended by Hong Kong Geopark. Their status could only be obtained by completing a recognised course and then passing through rigorous assessments. R2Gs possess accurate knowledge of geology, ecology, history and culture, and are able to apply their guiding and interpretation skills to convey the knowledge of earth science to tourists in a simple and effective way. R2Gs support the concept of UNESCO and Global Geoparks, and understands the planning and management principles of Hong Kong Geopark, allowing them to provide guided tours that are both safe and high-quality. In order to continuously improve the knowledge of R2Gs and strengthen their guiding skills, Hong Kong Geopark will arrange training and lectures for them, and provide them with the latest Geopark information. Candidates who pass the R2G assessment will first become "Provisional Recommended Geopark Guides (PR2Gs)", and they will only be granted the R2G qualification upon completion of a six-month probationary period. Thereafter, they are subject to re-assessment every three years to renew their qualifications.