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Assessment System
Assessment Method
Assessment Criteria
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Assessment Method


  1. Interview (by an R2G Hong Kong Geopark Guide Assessment Panel)

  2. Field assessment (depending on the applicant's qualifications and interview results)

Assessment Panel

Comprising representatives of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong, and the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong.

Assessment Result

  1. Candidates who pass the assessment will become provisional R2Gs for the first six months.

  2. The list of R2Gs will be published on this website.

  3. A provisional R2G will become an R2G after passing a six-month probation period.

  4. To maintain their status, R2Gs are required to pass a biennial reassessment.


R2Gs are subject to disqualification if (a) they fail to pass the probation period, (b) they fail the reassessment, or (c) they have been confirmed to have acted against R2G regulations.


Applicants selected for interview are required to pay a non-refundable payment for administration costs.

An R2G identification badge is provided to all R2Gs to make them easy to identify during R2G tours. This identification badge must be returned to the Secretariat if the person is no longer an R2G.


It you are interested to join the R2G, please to check this website for latest announcement later.

(Application was ended on 15 November 2020)


For any enquiries, please email