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29 June 2017

The first Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark Tourism Magazine is available now!

To publicize the unique and diversified experiences Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark (Hong Kong Geopark) offers and to bring you the best of Hong Kong Geopark in geological, ecological, cultural and historical terms, a local media group has been commissioned to produce and distribute a geo-tourism magazine starting from June 2017. Read the flip-book now in Hong Kong Geopark’s website.

The new geo-tourism magazine covers Hong Kong Geopark’s top sights, photo spots and must see attractions, local community activities and local products, geo-tour packages, guide maps, transportation and geopark-themed accommodation, which we and the geopark communities jointly suggested.

Do check it out before exploring Hong Kong Geopark and its spectacular natural and cultural heritage!

Download area for the magazine:


12 May 2017

Refresher Training for Recommended Geopark Guides

Following the first interpretation training course in 2015, Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark invited Ms. Brenda Chan, an experienced practitioner in both the tourism industry and stage performance, to give a refresher training workshop on communication and presentation skills for Recommended Geopark Guides (R2G) on 28 April 2017.
At the workshop, Ms Chan highlighted a number of techniques for providing guide service and showed R2Gs how to prepare tour commentaries with a unique personal style. In group discussions and practical exercises, the R2Gs in different groups took turns presenting various geological phenomena in their own ways and shared their insights with great enthusiasm. Exchanging actively with the instructor and other R2Gs, they also explored interesting and creative interpretation approaches to make geological phenomena easier to understand.

By offering high quality training opportunities to R2Gs and the geopark community, Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark aims to engage the local people in stimulating socio-economic development through the promotion of sustainable geo-tourism.


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