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Accreditation System
A2G Qualifying Examination
Re-assessment of A2Gs
Course & Examination

Re-assessment of A2Gs

A2Gs will be re-assessed every three years in order to encourage continuing education and ensure that they will keep abreast of the latest development of the Hong Kong Geopark and geoconservation. To retain his/her A2G qualification, the candidate must meet both requirements listed below, and may need to be interviewed by the A2G Assessment Board at their request.

1.     30 hours of continuing education

During the validity period of the qualification, A2Gs are required to attend training sessions or seminars relating to one of the following topics:

  • Geology and Landscape
  • Ecology and evolution
  • Local culture
  • Geopark Management
  • Geopark Operation
  • Presentation and guiding skills
  • Geotourism of Global Geopark
  • Sustainable local economy of Geotourism

Within one month after attending each training session or seminar, A2Gs should report the number of hours of training to the secretariat by completing an online training logbook. A visit to a global geopark outside Hong Kong equals to three hours of training. A visit to a geological museum outside Hong Kong equals two hours of training. A short report of about 100 words must be submitted to the secretariat. During the three-year qualification period, visits to the same global geoparks and geological museums are not allowed and such visits must not exceed 10 hours. The secretariat may require A2Gs to provide proof of visits or refuse to accept the log if it considers any training session or seminar unrelated to the eight topics listed above.

2. 30 hours of geopark guiding experience as an R2G or A2G

At least three hours of the 30 hours guiding experience are conducted in a foreign language or Putonghua.