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Accreditation System
A2G Qualifying Examination
Re-assessment of A2Gs
Course & Examination

A2G Qualifying Examination

Only those who have completed the above Training Course with an attendance rate of 100% are eligible to sit the A2G Qualifying Examination. It consists of two parts:

  1. Onsite presentation (1 hour)
  2. Simulated practical examination (1 hour)


The A2G Assessment Board consists of three members (or their representatives), who represent TIC, AGHK and AFCD. A pass requires a unanimous decision for both parts of the exam by all three members of the Assessment Board and there will not be any appeal mechanism. The assessment criteria are in accordance with the rules of communication of the Global Geoparks Network, including:

  1. Convey accurate geological information;
  2. Employ unconventional yet holistic as well as conventional methods to communicate geological knowledge to the public;
  3. Messages should be understood by children;
  4. Do not give the impression that Earth Science is inaccessible to non-specialists; and
  5. Do not do anything to discourage the public from gaining knowledge of geology and geoparks or damage the UNESCO brand and reputation of geoparks.

Cantonese is the main language to be used during the examination, but the candidate may be required to deliver the presentation in the foreign language (including Putonghua) that he/she declares to know.